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Basım Teknolojileri

Sector and Employment Opportunities

Sector and Employment Opportunities

Printing Technologies are used primarily in the Printing Sector, as well as the sectors like publishing and packaging. Thus, students graduating from the department have broad employment opportunities.

The industry has been organized around a number of non-governmental organizations. Some of these organizations involve; Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers Association (KASAD), Label Manufacturers Association (ESD), Printing Industry Education Foundation (BASEV),  Professional Organization of Graphic Designers (GMK), Association for Printing Members (BASMEN), Printing Publication Professional Committee of İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), and the Printing Publication, Paper and Paper Packaging Industrial Professional Committee of İstanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO).

The firms are in a great need of educated individuals. As a result of the strong relations between the academic members and the printing sector and sectoral non-governmental organizations, the firms convey their needs of human resources to the department and the department helps the graduates to find a job.

 Where Would Our Graduates Work?

As almost all the work in printing businesses are urgent, it sort of requires working outside of the standard hours of work. Those who want to be the best in their profession are primarily required to start from the production. A person who fails in production will also fail in higher stages. The large part of printing businesses is located in the European Side of İstanbul; around Levent, Topkapı, İkitelli. A relatively fewer number of firms are located in the Anatolian Side of İstanbul. In the entire Turkey, the provinces with the highest number of printing and packaging businesses are Ankara, İzmir and Gaziantep, which come after İstanbul.

Our graduates could work as mid-level managers or shift superintendents in the departments of production, printing preparation, printing and post-printing and the units of production. Those who would work in departments like production planning, quality control, sales – marketing that support the production in printing businesses are generally required to have a production experience even for a short time. These departments that have recently been opened in printing businesses provide a new business district apart from the opportunities for the graduates of departments rendering the Printing Technologies education at universities to work in production. Our graduates also work in the sales departments of domestic and foreign firms supplying raw materials and machines in the Printing Sector. It is also possible for them to work in purchasing departments of large firms as Specialists of Buying Printed Products. The most important condition of becoming a mid-level and senior manager in the profession is to have both managing qualities and a production experience.

The large part of machines, materials and technology being used in printing businesses is imported from abroad. Thus, it is very important for individuals that would select this profession to speak a foreign language in order to be the best in the profession, closely follow the latest developing technology and become the wanted personnel as the sector has a great need of well-educated individuals speaking a foreign language. 

Some Firms Where Our Graduates Work

Bilnet Matbaası

Dereli Grafik

Dizayn Etiket

Doğan Baskı Merkezi

Doğan Ofset

Dyo Matbaa Mürekkepleri

Ekol Ofset

Elif Plastik

Heidelberg Türkiye

Korozo Ambalaj 

Print Center

Sinangin Ambalaj

Sümer Plastik

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