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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the “Department of Printing Technologies” is to train graduates who have the skills of applying the maths, science and technology knowledge to the problems being experienced in printing production, establish an efficient verbal and written communication, are aware of their professional and ethical responsibilities, have fully apprehended the social and cultural effects, have the knowledge and skills of preparing the projects about printing technologies according to the relevant national and international standards and legal rules, have the skills of designing and applying a system or a process in order to realize these projects, are able to define, formulate and solve the problems in printing technologies, use the technics, competences and modern devices that are required in workshops for printing technologies, have the knowledge and skills about maintenance and repairment within the scope of sustaining the printing production systems and solving the possible technical problems in the processes of production and service, are able to efficiently use the package softwares regarding the printing technologies and follow the technological innovations and have the skills of working in an interdisciplinary group. The department also aims to conduct research and development studies and industrial theses supported by BAPKO, TUBITAK, KOSGEB in order to solve the sectoral problems and contribute to the national economy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a department that constantly develops in terms of academics, trains qualified graduates with high skills of practice for the printing industry, integrates into other universities in the world by exchanging instructors and students, adopts the cooperation of university and industry, and develops new technologies.

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